Just taking a leisurely stroll down Gropecunt Lane…


So you’ve just called your grandmother a CUNT in public. Before anyone can confront you, you silence your critics with a dazzling display of your superior wit explaining to them that the word vagina is far worse then CUNT as it’s Latin for sword-sheath or scabbard. As they stumble around in confusion you silently disappear leaving behind only the mental imagery of grandmothers sheathing ‘swords’ in their ‘scabbards’.

No caption needed.

No caption needed.

Today I want to talk about the letter ‘C’.

C is for CUNT

The idea that there are certain sequences of sounds which if said will make everybody very uncomfortable for reasons that they can’t quite explain is a very absurd notion. It is the context in which words are spoken and the intent that give them the power of meaning.

You just need to know how to use it. Here’s a helpful tutorial;

I personally think that there’s something beautiful about the word CUNT. It brings tears of joy and happiness to my eyes.
One day I hope to have it emblazoned on, or carved into, my forehead further disfiguring my already crippled body with the obscene profanity of CUNT.

I’m the proud doting father of both these babies;

unt-mug Cunt Coloring Book - Drawings by Tee Corinne - 1988

Time for a fun fact!

Back (and I mean waaay back) in the 1200’s it was normal for streets in London to be named after the goods available for sale. Which brings us to one of the earliest uses of cunt; guess what they were selling down Gropecunt Lane?

If you want to see more about profanity I wouldn’t go past Penn and Teller;

Now I bid you adieu and leave you with a beautiful saying;

Ȝeue þi cunte to cunnig and craue affetir wedding.